Open Source Software listing


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Below is a list of officially supported Yubico projects, divided by category.

YubiKey Low-level Library

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubico-c BSD-2-Clause C library for manipulating Yubico YubiKey One-Time Passwords (OTPs)
yubico-j BSD-2-Clause Java low-level library for Yubico YubiKey One-Time Passwords (OTPs)

YubiCloud Servers

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubikey-ksm BSD-2-Clause YubiKey Key Storage Module
yubikey-val BSD-2-Clause YubiKey OTP validation server in PHP

YubiKey Integration

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubico-pam BSD-2-Clause Yubico Pluggable Authentication Module (PAM)
rlm-yubico BSD-2-Clause FreeRADIUS module for using YubiKeys for authentication
yubiauth BSD-2-Clause Authentication backend written in Python
yubix BSD-2-Clause Installs and configures various Yubico packages
yubico-windows-auth BSD-2-Clause YubiKey Logon for windows

YubiKey NEO

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubico-bitcoin-java Apache-2.0 Java client library for communicating with the ykneo-bitcoin applet for the YubiKey NEO
yubico-bitcoin-python BSD-2-Clause Python client library and command line tool for communicating with the ykneo-bitcoin applet for the YubiKey NEO
yubioath-android BSD-2-Clause YubiOATH Android app
ykneo-oath GPL-3.0+ OATH App for the YubiKey NEO
yubitotp-android BSD-2-Clause Android application for TOTP with YubiKey NEO
yubioath-desktop BSD-2-Clause Crossplatform graphical user interface to generate one-time passwords.
ykneo-openpgp GPL-2.0+ OpenPGP app for the YubiKey NEO
yubico-piv-tool GPL-3.0+ Command line tool for the YubiKey NEO PIV applet

YubiCloud Clients

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubico-java-client BSD-2-Clause Client library written in Java for verifying Yubikey one-time passwords (OTPs).
yubico-c-client BSD-2-Clause Yubico C client library
php-yubico BSD-2-Clause PHP class for Yubico authentication
yubico-perl-client BSD-2-Clause AnyEvent based Perl extension for validating YubiKey OTPs against the Yubico Validation Protocol version 2.0
yubico-dotnet-client BSD-2-Clause Yubico validation protocol 2.0 client

YubiKey Personalization

Project nameLicenseDescription
yubikey-personalization BSD-2-Clause YubiKey Personalization cross-platform library and tool
yubikey-personalization-gui BSD-2-Clause Qt based Cross-Platform YubiKey Personalization Tool
libykneomgr LGPL-3+ Library and command line tool to manage YubiKey NEO
yubikey-neo-manager BSD-2-Clause Graphical user interface to manage YubiKey NEOs

YubiHSM projects

Project nameLicenseDescription
python-pyhsm BSD-2-Clause Python code for YubiHSM